The beauty is in the details

It begins with design, an integral part of our process that is never short-changed. SmokeSpot products are intuitive, purposeful and beautiful. Each SmokeSpot is crafted using only the highest quality materials available; an ode to our brand promise to never deliver less than our best. Our products are American-made in small batches, each production run supervised by our company’s founder. The process is never automated, so you know that when you receive your SmokeSpot, you’ve not only received an unsurpassed product built to last, you’ve also received a piece of our heritage.


Buy It Once 

Built to last a lifetime and made in the USA, each SmokeSpot is machined from solid billet aircraft grade aluminum (6061 or 7075 depending on model) with precision accuracy. Some features even requiring accuracy down to +/-0.0005". Following machining they are hard-coat anodized to provide a surface hardness of 60-65 Rockwell C. Each SmokeSpot is laser engraved with a serial number making each SmokeSpot truely unique. You can rest easy knowing you will only ever need to buy one... unless you want multiple styles of course.


"Mise en place" - Everything has its place

Designed with perfect fits for all your equipment, your SmokeSpot is able to carry everything you desire in a compact and purposeful design. Say goodbye to the mundane and enjoy a practical yet stylish container you are proud to adorn. 


Seal in the Freshness

At SmokeSpot we understand that containing the freshness of your flower is critical to the modern herbal connoisseur lifestyle. Using medical grade design standards, SmokeSpot's conical mating surfaces provide a hermetic (airtight) seal.


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Quality is our Legacy

Your SmokeSpot was painstakingly crafted to be the best. This is why we are proud to back it for life, and if you have a manufacturing defect, the folks in our repair shop will fix it for you. Or, if you damage your SmokeSpot, we can help you with that too. Check out the FAQ page for more details.