"Necessity is the Mother of Invention"


To the founders of SmokeSpot, Isaac & Alex, no proverb has ever felt truer. Especially while taking a break from a formal event one evening to enjoy a bit of flower. There stood two well established men, in suits nonetheless, fumbling around with an old plastic container that had housed their flower since college. It still worked, sure, but it was cumbersome and it didn't make them feel good.

That night, the idea of SmokeSpot sprung into being. The two decided that they needed a proper container for their flower. One that was not only beautiful on the outside, but compact, durable, and functional.

After multiple design iterations and prototypes, as well as plenty of product testing (wink, wink), the current embodiment of SmokeSpot was born. An embodiment that would flow effortlessly into an adult lifestyle.

So, gone are the days of feeling embarrassed about what you choose to love. Gone are the old containers and boxes that make you feel like a newbie. Let's leave nostalgia in the past and be proud of who we are and feel damn good about it. Here’s to our future, fellow herbal connoisseurs. We are so glad you are with us.