Exceptional tools for the modern herbal connoisseur


Meet SmokeSpot

A stylish, practical, and high quality container for your herbal pleasures. 


Anytime. Anywhere.

Finally, a convenient and stylish carrying case for the modern herbal connoisseur


Everything in one beautiful package.

Built to last a lifetime and made in the USA, SmokeSpot's practical & patented design allows you to carry everything you need for your next trip across the country or the living room. Quarter turn caps with smell proof seals ensures easy access to your equipment without loosing any freshness of your flower. 


A style for every personality

Hard-coated, aircraft grade aluminum wrapped in supple hand-stitched leather is the canvas for an array of colors and textures sure to please the senses.  Whether you prefer something a bit more adventurous, or have an eye for the classics, there is a SmokeSpot for everyone and every style.  

Equipped with everything you need to enjoy your favorite flower

Each SmokeSpot is unique and crafted from scratch. Your SmokeSpot comes with a:

  • Premium Grinder
  • Stash Tin
  • Glass Bowl
  • Buck Skin Leather Bowl Wrap
  • Lighter
  • Pack of 100mm Rolling Papers & Rolling Tips

Find Your SmokeSpot.